Do you rent for 9 month periods?

Not usually; all of our Leases run from May to May (Graduation day to Graduation day)



Do you allow pets?

Upon request, a modified lease is available. Pet deposits are an extra $100 on top of the regular deposit amount.



Where do I send my rent?

Rockside Rentals, P.O. BOX 272, The Plains, OH 45780.



We found a place we want to rent... What do we do now?

Call or email to set up a house tour. Fill out the application online, and email to make an appointment to sign a lease.



What happens if I sign a lease and then have to move for a job or school?

Sometimes this happens. Although you and those on the lease are still responsible for payment it is in everyone's best interest to work together to find a replacement. 95% of the time we can find someone else who is willing to take over the lease or take over a spot on the lease. However, finding good tenants is one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of being a landlord, between answering phone calls, emails, showing the house, there is also the costs of advertising, therefore Neptune Housing, LLC charges $250 for any lease replacement. This fee does not automatically release you; you are not released until a suitable replacement is found and accepted. The fee covers our time and expense in finding your replacement.



How much is the deposit?

Deposits range from $375 to $425 per person, the same as one month's rent. It is due when you sign the lease. Deposits are refunded (less any charges) 30 days after the termination of the lease.



Can we share a bedroom and reduce our rent?

No, the Athens City Code Office designates occupancy levels for each property and we can't exceed them.



Do the stove and refrigerator come with the house?

Yes, the stove, refrigerator and other major appliances are provided and maintained by Neptune Housing, LLC.



Are we responsible for lawn maintenance or shoveling snow?

Naturescape Lawn Care mows our lawns. However, tenants are responsible for snow removal and to keep the property free of trash and debris and in good general condition.



How do we get something fixed?

The easiest and fastest way is to log in to the website using your tenant username and password, then fill out a maintenance request. The maintenance requests go straight to the cellphones of the maintenance personnel. If you have something more immediate such as water shooting out the wall, call (866) 807-6134.



What if I have an emergency such as something on fire?

Call 911.



When I move in do I fill out a check sheet?

Yes, a check-in sheet is left in every house/apartment.  It must be returned within 1 week of the lease starting for it to be valid.



Why does the check-in sheet have to be turned in after a week?

Because otherwise items such as broken windows or screens could occur throughout the lease term and be added to the check-in sheet anytime, thereby making the check-in sheet useless.



For more information please email: rocksiderentals@gmail.com
Or call the answering service and leave a message:
(866) 807-6134




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